01 Jul 2015 The Shock Troop

Sworn oath to the Führer, you are one amongst thousands of elite Shock Troops, defenders of the 4th Reich, 3rd and youngest generation to survive lunar incubation.

27 Jun 2015 Frau Wolf

Known only by the nickname bequeathed to her by Führer Adolf Hitler, Frau Wolf is revered by the lunar colonists for her role as third generation Surgeon and Medical Examiner, surrogate guardian to the thousands of Nazi military personnel under her care.

23 Jun 2015 Heil to the Führer

You knew he had to be making an appearance sooner or later. Modeled here is Adolf Hitler, Führer of the 4th Reich, currently chilling in cryostasis on the lunar surface..

20 Jun 2015 Heil Maleaganz Hitler

Maleaganz Hitler, great grandson to Führer Adolf Hitler, der Fürst of the 4th Reich, first heir and successor to the führership of Earth.

14 Jun 2015 Göring der Vierte

Meet Göring der Vierte, Reichsmarschall of the 4th Reich, direct descendant of the late Hermann Göring, 3rd and youngest generation to survive lunar captivity.