04 Mar 2015 Endsieg Hero Contest

When it comes to designing a major release, we leave no talent unturned.

Feel free to check out the birth of, what we dream will become, the most controversial HERO and HEROINE to hit the roleplaying genre.

09 Feb 2015 Forums Resurrected

We finally got around to cleaning out the old DC forums, and can once again make them publicly accessible for everyone to enjoy.

We would like to upgrade them for a more RESTful, Google-friendly presence. In the meantime, feel free to reminisce in the legacy archives.

05 Jan 2015 Wildy West Now in AppStore

Feel the need to swear in endless frustration at your iPhone today? There's an app for that..

Now in the AppStore, hop-and-fly your Vulture through the endless deserts of the Wildy West.

11 Nov 2014 Ratline Now in Appstore

If you don't know by now, we thrive on building unconventional.

Free in the AppStore, and inspired by historically controversial events, Ratline is a provocative text-fx adventure that takes place in an unidentified time period of Earth's history.

17 Oct 2014 Webpocalypse Now In Steam Greenlight

What do you get when you cross a Webmaster with a Ghostbuster?

The Webpocalypse?! Build and protect your corner of the internet as you survive a satirical sim of the interwebs.