Dev Crew Live
29 Aug 2015 Endsieg | Scene05 :: U-977

Should you make it through Europe's coastline, alive and uncaptured, take the berthed experimental submarine U-977 and navigate her across the Allied-held Atlantic.

28 Aug 2015 Endsieg | Scene04 :: Kriegsmarine Naval Base

Emerge from the maze of Ratlines to the last remaining submarine naval base, current being sieged by Allied Forces.

27 Aug 2015 Endsieg | Scene03 :: Ratlines

Navigate against a dark, neglected sewer and tunnel network, including your own Wehrmacht loyal to the ideology that retreat in the eleventh hour is high treason.

26 Aug 2015 Endsieg | Scene02 :: Soviet Occupied Berlin

Fight your way through hostile Soviet forces. Be resourceful, set traps, create diversions, and discover the underground escape route out of occupied Berlin.

25 Aug 2015 Endsieg | Scene01 :: The Führerbunker

Your journey begins under the tremor of artillery bombardment, having regained consciousness to find yourself alone within the evacuated Führerbunker..